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twin girls

Introduction to Blog: “Twinning!”

Attention parents of twins, triplets, quads, and (gulp!) more: I have advice for you on how to raise your children in an emotionally healthy way. The good news is that the advice does not come from me. The great news is that the advice comes from twins and triplets themselves! I interview adult multiples to […]

Nature vs. Nurture

In Nature Versus Nurture, A Clear Winner Emerges

See this graham cracker? It suffered unfortunate mishandling by the author of this post. {In my defense,  graham cracker sleeves are customarily difficult to tear open. And when the plastic doesn’t open wide enough, the graham cracker breaks. Simple as that.} This very graham cracker inspired me to write about nature versus nurture. Here’s why: […]

Dad He Really Gets Me

“He Really Gets Me”

The Encouraging Dads Project asked me to write a post for them and the result is this article titled, “He Really Gets Me.” It’s about my dad and something he helped me realize as I endeavor to be the best mom to my twin daughters that I can be. I hope you will check out […]

less time together as family

Less Time Together as a Family Can Be a Good Thing

We are not a Donna Reed family that eats dinner together every night. I know that’s not ideal. Many studies show that families who eat together have young children with higher vocabulary levels, adolescents who have more nutritionally-sound eating habits, and children of all ages with fewer behavioral problems. Despite all that research, my husband […]

ham sandwich twin's spouse

A Twin’s Spouse: The Ham in a Ham Sandwich?

Well-known twins Jenna Bush Hager and Barbara Bush (former President George W. Bush’s daughters) were featured in a 2015 segment on NBC’s Today Show. They discussed their deep bond from childhood and that they continue to be best friends throughout adulthood. Jenna and Barbara joked that their sense of humor is unique to them. They […]

twins best friends spouses

Are Twins More Like Best Friends or Spouses?

In her interview on TED Radio Hour, couples therapist and author Esther Perel discusses her philosophies on love and marital relationships. She dismisses the popular claim that a spouse could be one’s best friend. She explains, “Many people treat their partners in ways they would never treat their best friends. And [they] allow themselves to […]

good about twins being bad

Here’s What’s Good About Your Twins Being “Bad”

What good could possibly come from your twins being “bad” (or misbehaving)? When our kids were three years old, we implemented a rewards system to get them to stay in their beds at night. A colorful sticker chart incentivized them to stay in bed after we left the room. One night, we looked in the […]

twins live longer

Why Your (Close) Twins Live Longer

A recent study is calling attention to the relationship between twins. The 2016 Results Researchers from the Danish Twin Registry accumulated data from more than 2,900 pairs of same-sex twins born in Denmark between 1870 and 1900. They compared their mortality rates to that of the general non-twin Danish population. The study found that identical […]

twin business partners

Do Twins Make Better Business Partners?

Do twins make better business partners than non-twins? After all, twin business partners have likely had more years of collaboration than their non-twin business competitors. In looking at some successful twin-led businesses, what is clear is that their success is in part due to a few key ingredients related to their twinship: Trust Randy Dupler, […]

family singleton child sibling twins

The Singleton Sibling of Twins, Part Three

[This is Part Three of a Three-Part Series on the singleton child in a family of twins. This part focuses on how a parent can help her singleton child and twin children form a bond that will help reduce conflict. Part One focuses on how a singleton views the experience of having siblings who are […]

singleton sibling child

The Singleton Sibling of Twins, Part Two

[This is Part Two of a Three-Part Series on the singleton child in a family of twins. This part focuses on the twins’ perspective on having a singleton sibling. Part One focuses on how a singleton views the experience of having siblings who are twins. Part Three will offer advice for parents so they can […]