(carefree -- i.e., before kids)
(carefree — i.e., before kids)

I am a working mother of twin daughters. I recognized soon after my daughters were born that rarely did either of them enjoy 100 percent of my attention. I was constantly juggling both of their needs and seldom giving undivided attention to any one child for any extended period of time.

Twins experience life differently than singleton children. Twins are constantly compared to one another in just about every context — physical appearance, academic talent, athletic performance, etc. They encounter unique social issues (what happens when one child is invited to a social outing while her twin is not?) and typically have difficulty forming deep relationships outside of the twinship. Given these challenges, how can a parent help guide her twin children so that they can thrive emotionally and socially?

It has thus become my quest to learn how I can be the best possible parent to my twin children so that the mere circumstance of their births does not render them less able to navigate the complicated waters on their life journeys.

And where better to find the answers I was seeking than from twins themselves?

The advice on this blog comes from a combination of parenting experts, psychologists, and, most importantly, twins themselves! I interviewed several dozens of twins, triplets, and their siblings as to their experiences growing up and I synthesized their stories into advice.

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