Nature vs. Nurture

In Nature Versus Nurture, A Clear Winner Emerges

See this graham cracker? It suffered unfortunate mishandling by the author of this post. {In my defense,  graham cracker sleeves are customarily difficult to tear open. And when the plastic doesn’t open wide enough, the graham cracker breaks. Simple as that.} This very graham cracker inspired me to write about nature versus nurture. Here’s why: […]

good about twins being bad

Here’s What’s Good About Your Twins Being “Bad”

What good could possibly come from your twins being “bad” (or misbehaving)? When our kids were three years old, we implemented a rewards system to get them to stay in their beds at night. A colorful sticker chart incentivized them to stay in bed after we left the room. One night, we looked in the […]

twins personally responsible

Is a Twin Her Sister’s Keeper? Feeling Personally Responsible for One’s Twin

Many siblings feel personally responsible for one another. I found it touching to read about former President Bill Clinton’s relationship with his younger brother Roger (not a twin). In his book My Life, Clinton describes how he felt when he learned that Roger had been videotaped selling cocaine to an undercover police officer. Roger was […]