Nature vs. Nurture

In Nature Versus Nurture, A Clear Winner Emerges

See this graham cracker? It suffered unfortunate mishandling by the author of this post. {In my defense,  graham cracker sleeves are customarily difficult to tear open. And when the plastic doesn’t open wide enough, the graham cracker breaks. Simple as that.} This very graham cracker inspired me to write about nature versus nurture. Here’s why: […]

twins live longer

Why Your (Close) Twins Live Longer

A recent study is calling attention to the relationship between twins. The 2016 Results Researchers from the Danish Twin Registry accumulated data from more than 2,900 pairs of same-sex twins born in Denmark between 1870 and 1900. They compared their mortality rates to that of the general non-twin Danish population. The study found that identical […]

myths about the joy of having twins

The Top Five Myths About the “Joys” of Having Twins

Stop me if you’ve heard this before: the public’s perception of having twins is vastly different from the reality of it. I know I usually post about something specifically related to raising emotionally healthy twins. I’m going to deviate from my theme this week in light of a recent conversation I had with a mom […]

twins annoying questions

The Top Seven Questions Twins and Triplets Hate to be Asked

From the time I was knowingly pregnant with twins (because I do remember those weeks when I didn’t know there were two in there!), someone had something to say about it. To this day, I still encounter a steady flow of inquiries. Strangers ask whether twins run in my family (which is often the indirect […]

twins telepathy

Is There Really Such Thing as Twin Telepathy?

You’ve probably heard of the famous twins named “Jim.” They were raised apart from the age of four weeks and were finally reunited at the age of thirty-nine. When Jim Lewis and Jim Springer reunited, they discovered some amazing similarities: they had both been named “James” by their adoptive families who did not know each […]

twin girls

Introduction to Blog: “Twinning!”

Attention parents of twins, triplets, quads, and (gulp!) more: I have advice for you on how to raise your children in an emotionally healthy way. The good news is that the advice does not come from me. The great news is that the advice comes from twins and triplets themselves! I interview adult multiples to […]