twin feeling responsible for co-twin

Updated: Is a Twin Her Sister’s Keeper?

Two years ago, I wrote a post about twins’ feeling responsible for their co-twins — for their well being and sometimes, responsible for their failures and mistakes. I have revisited the topic and expanded on it as  a guest writer for the Twin Pregnancy and Beyond website. You can read the full article here. Let […]

Washington Post

My Response to the Washington Post Opinion Piece by a Mother of Twins

I was intrigued by a recent opinion piece in the Washington Post, titled, “I’m a mom of twins. The movie Three Identical Strangers changed how I parent them.” It was written by Ellen Nordberg, a mother of identical twin boys. Three Identical Strangers, the moment that everyone remembers I loathe spoilers so I will not […]

when naming my twins

When Naming My Twins, I Should Have Considered the NFL?

  When naming my twins, apparently I should have considered the NFL. I’ll explain. E-A-G-L-E-S It has been an exciting week for our Philadelphia-based family, given the Eagle’s Superbowl victory. For days prior to the big win, our five-year-old daughters Eden and Tal overheard lots of discussion about the game. Their preschool teachers even taught […]

Nature vs. Nurture

In Nature Versus Nurture, A Clear Winner Emerges

See this graham cracker? It suffered unfortunate mishandling by the author of this post. {In my defense,  graham cracker sleeves are customarily difficult to tear open. And when the plastic doesn’t open wide enough, the graham cracker breaks. Simple as that.} This very graham cracker inspired me to write about nature versus nurture. Here’s why: […]

grit resilience

Twins May Not Have Grit: How You Can Help

Grit. Resilience. You’ve probably heard these buzzwords in the past two years as the current culture of helicopter parenting has come under scrutiny. For me, helicopter parenting is the default — my kids are not yet four years old and I’ve had to hover over them for the first couple years of their lives. When […]

twins personally responsible

Is a Twin Her Sister’s Keeper? Feeling Personally Responsible for One’s Twin

Many siblings feel personally responsible for one another. I found it touching to read about former President Bill Clinton’s relationship with his younger brother Roger (not a twin). In his book My Life, Clinton describes how he felt when he learned that Roger had been videotaped selling cocaine to an undercover police officer. Roger was […]

twin identity find self

Helping Your Twin Child Find Himself (His SELF)

In my last post, I discussed the challenges twins face in finding their own unique identities. This week, I have tips on how you, as a parent, can help your twin child establish his identity — outside of the twinship. Preschool/Toddler Years I discussed this topic in my post titled “Helping Your Twins Form Friendships […]

finding yourself twin identity

The Struggle to Find Yourself (Your Self) When You’re A Twin

In a recent episode of the humorous sitcom Blackish, Pops (played by Laurence Fishburne) is roughhousing with one of his grandchildren who is a twin. “Be careful!” yells Pops’ son Dre (Anthony Anderson), “He’s half of a set…!” In real life, however, I think most parents of twins try to show their children that they […]

twins children birthday party

Should You Host a Separate Birthday Party for Each Twin?

As if researching inexpensive balloon artists for one birthday party isn’t enough, a parent of twins should now do it twice?! Dr. Joan Friedman, author of Emotionally Healthy Twins: A New Philosophy for Parenting Two Unique Children, strongly advises that parents host separate birthday parties for their twin children. Having a separate party shows your […]