Washington Post

My Response to the Washington Post Opinion Piece by a Mother of Twins

I was intrigued by a recent opinion piece in the Washington Post, titled, “I’m a mom of twins. The movie Three Identical Strangers changed how I parent them.” It was written by Ellen Nordberg, a mother of identical twin boys. Three Identical Strangers, the moment that everyone remembers I loathe spoilers so I will not […]

Joe Rawlinson

Guest Blogger Joe Rawlinson: How to Find Joy in the Journey with Twins

Friends – I wanted to share this article written by guest blogger Joe Rawlinson (Dad’s Guide to Twins), who is an excellent resource for fathers (and mothers!) of twins. The original article can be found on his website here. How to Find Joy in the Journey with Twins With the news that you’re expecting twins […]

book announcement

Book Announcement: Twinsight is Here!

As you may know, I’ve spent the past 5 years researching and writing Twinsight: A Guide to Raising Emotionally Healthy Twins. This is the first book on the market to help parents navigate the complicated social, emotional, and relationship challenges that arise in families with twins. I interviewed more than 80 twins and siblings of twins, […]

Dad He Really Gets Me

“He Really Gets Me”

The Encouraging Dads Project asked me to write a post for them and the result is this article titled, “He Really Gets Me.” It’s about my dad and something he helped me realize as I endeavor to be the best mom to my twin daughters that I can be. I hope you will check out […]