unbreakable twin bond

The Unbreakable (?) Twin Bond

How strong and unbreakable is the twin bond? I watched a movie called De Tweeling, per my father’s recommendation. It’s the story of twin girls whose bond was established at birth in the 1920s and sweetly cultivated in childhood. Then, at age six, they were separated. It was heart-wrenching to watch two sisters who had […]

twins telepathy

Is There Really Such Thing as Twin Telepathy?

You’ve probably heard of the famous twins named “Jim.” They were raised apart from the age of four weeks and were finally reunited at the age of thirty-nine. When Jim Lewis and Jim Springer reunited, they discovered some amazing similarities: they had both been named “James” by their adoptive families who did not know each […]

The Immeasurable Loss of One’s Twin

What happens to a person when his twin sibling dies? There is an area of research measuring the loss and grief suffered by twins when their twin siblings die. Identical twins tend to suffer more greatly than fraternal twins, but both sets generally feel a greater sense of grief than their non-twin counterparts do when […]