separate classes makes the heart grow fonder

Separate Classes Makes the Heart Grow Fonder

My very informal study has shown that enrolling my five-year old daughters in separate classes makes their hearts grow fonder. Separation during the school year Throughout the school year, I have them in separate classes. They have been separated since the early days of preschool when they were around two years old. One of them […]

But You Have Each Other

(Lack of) Appreciation of Twinness: “But You Have Each Other!”

This post is a quick rant about ingratitude. It’s a pet peeve of mine. My five-year old twin daughters showed a major lack of appreciation of twinness this week. Here’s how it played out: Their camp ended and I registered them for a ‘filler camp’ of sorts – it’s a camp for kids whose parents […]

twin identity find self

Helping Your Twin Child Find Himself (His SELF)

In my last post, I discussed the challenges twins face in finding their own unique identities. This week, I have tips on how you, as a parent, can help your twin child establish his identity — outside of the twinship. Preschool/Toddler Years I discussed this topic in my post titled “Helping Your Twins Form Friendships […]