Snowflake frozen twins

Why I Stopped Groaning When I Hear Frozen’s “Let It Go” (For the Umteenth Time)

Like all other homes of young children on the Planet Earth, Disney’s Frozen empire consumed our home. We owned a digital version of the movie, we had the soundtrack on our iPhones, and we owned every chotchke known to man that was in the likeness of Elsa, Anna, or Olaf. Indeed, from decorative hair accessories to nightlights, we were constantly reminded that Frozen was an inextricable part of our quotidian living.

If there was one word to describe my demeanor during this time it would be “grinch.” I was so annoyed at all the consumerism. Yes, it was a good movie. Yes, the characters are charming. Yes, the songs had catchy lyrics and melodies. But, come on! Olaf-shaped pasta?! Did it need to come to this?!

But, as I did more and more research into the emotional health of twins, I stopped bemoaning the Frozen hype.

At this point, you may be wondering: what is the possible connection between a twin child’s obsession with a Disney movie and her emotional health?

Here’s the answer:

You have probably been raising your twins in more or less the same world. They attend the same school, sleep and wake on the same schedule, eat at the same time each day, etc. You probably ask them how their days were at the same time. But when can you focus on one child? What opportunities do you have throughout the day to explore each child’s respective uniqueness?

The answer is: when you’re discussing Frozen. Each child surely likes different things about the movie. Each child might have his own favorite character, song, or scene. This is your chance to really get to know each child individually. Find out what makes him tick. Find out what he likes and explore the reasons behind it.

It’s so easy to roll your eyes when you hear “Let It Go” for the millionth time, but, guess what? Your child’s deep interest in something presents a wonderful opportunity for you to bond with him. This is so important for parents of twins who rarely give their twins regular, individualized attention. This is the chance to get to know the idiosyncrasies of each child; and to make each child feel special and unique. And every child deserves to feel understood and cherished for who he, alone, is.

So….Does he dream about playing in the snow with Olaf? Or riding through the forest on Sven? Find out today.